MR2000S Rackmount 1-Bit Studio Recorder

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Un-beatable Audio Performance Comes Home to Roost - Meet the Korg MR-2000S!
Korg captured the world's attention with their MR series of DSD mobile recorders and studio tools. After consulting with top recording and mastering professionals, Korg has now created the Korg MR-2000S Studio Recorder; a 2-track mixdown designed from the ground up to bring that same DSD sonic performance home for use in any studio environment.

A DSD and Mastering Recorder Born to Run
In keeping with the MR Series studio recorder heritage of portability, the MR-2000S 1- bit recorder adds a number of new features to meet the requirements of the most demanding studio, yet retains a sleek, single rack-space profile. This compact format is also ideal for any live recording rig; or for grabbing that "off-the-board" live recording night after night - as well as shuttling your recordings from venue to studio and back again. So whether you want to capture that once-in-a-lifetime performance with impeccable detail, or need to transfer those priceless recordings from session to session, the MR-2000S high-resolution audio recorder is ready to roll.

Recently released firmware update for the MR2000S adds many new features to improve operational ease.

  • "MR Control Link" Function
    This lets you perform recording and playback with multiple MR-2000S units synchronized. Word clock and transport commands such as PLAY and STOP sent via the S/P DIF cable enable this function.
  • Selection of stereo or mono as the recording format 
    You can now select "Stereo" or "Dual Mono" as the recording format for enhanced compatibility with other devices and software. 
  • Support for mono audio files 
    When playing a project that was recorded with "Dual Mono" selected as the recording format, or if there are files whose names end in a numeral (e.g., trk1) or that are likely to be a pair (e.g., _L,_R), they will be played back as a Dual Mono stereo pair. If the paired file has not found, that monaural file will be output from both channels. 
  • Support for professional use of channel status block as the S/P DIF output
    It is now possible to use the channel status block of the digital output from the S/P DIF terminal in "professional" mode. When you select "Professional", the first channel status bit is set to "1".
  • Improved Fast-forward and Rewind.
    When holding down the FF or REW button during playback, you can now hear sound (commonly called scrubbing). 
  • Support for AIFF file playback 
    MR-2000S can now play non-compressed AIFF files with the extension of .aif, .aiff, or .aifc.