Dedicated carrying case for the KORG volca series.

This dedicated carrying case for the volca series lets you play your KORG volcas anywhere thanks to the volcas’ battery power and built-in speakers.
Featuring soft-shell construction with a distinctive mesh design that provides cushioning and support, the CC-VOLCA will securely protect your volca series unit. Inside the lid is a pocket that can hold cables or other small items.

The lineup includes gray (GR), pink (PK), blue (BL), yellow (YL) and olive (OL).

  • specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H)210 mm x 131 mm x 60 mm / 8.27" x 5.16" x 2.36"
Inner Dimensions (W x D x H)198 mm x 119 mm x 48 mm / 7.80" x 4.69" x 1.89"
Weight115 g / 0.25 lbs.
Color VariationsGray (CC-VOLCA-GR), Pink (CC-VOLCA-PK), Blue (CC-VOLCA-BL), Yellow (CC-VOLCA-YL), Olive (CC-VOLCA-OL)
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