Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer

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Meet your new musical addiction: the KAOSSILATOR from Korg. Play it alone or add it to your rig for over-the-top, music-making mayhem.

The KAOSSILATOR’s user-friendly touch-pad lets you create musical and rhythmic phrases using any of its 100 synth programs, such as leads, basses, realistic instrument sounds, playable drums and drum patterns. Each time you add a phrase, KAOSSILATOR stacks it on top of the previous phrases you created. The results are as simple – or complex – as you desire. Choose from the 31 available scales, and play in any key. Lay down your groove with any 50 gate-arpeggiator patterns for even more KAOSS!

Whether you play an instrument or not, you’ll want to get your hands on the KAOSSILATOR. It’s the ultimate sketchpad or performance instrument for anyone looking to get in “touch” with their musical ideas.

The portable, travel-friendly KAOSSILATOR runs on batteries or a 4.5v adapter. Use the it as a multi-instrumental musical instrument, sample source, live rig addition, or just a fun way to get your groove on!