Tone Garage Pedals

Main Features

  • Discrete circuitry - the result of a relentless design philosophy
  • True bypass design provides tonal confidence even when the effect is off
  • Tough die-cast body that stands up to the rigors of the road
  • Newly developed Hi-Volt technology on the tube stomp models allows the tube to operate at 200V

The philosophy of the Tone Garage series is to perfectly convey every performance nuance with inimitable tonal character without compromising the sound of the guitar.

These pedals, which feature carefully selected analog parts such as vacuum tubes and BBD chips, use rigorously refined discrete circuits. VOX’s unique new Hi-Volt technology allows the internal tube to operate at 200 volts, even when using battery power.

Relentlessly honed all-discrete circuitry
The internal structure of the Tone Garage series contains absolutely no integrated circuits such as op-amp ICs; it consists only of individual parts such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, and coils. In other words, this series uses unmistakably all-discrete circuitry. Guided by a relentlessly honed design philosophy, only carefully selected parts are used. These pedals provide an excellent response to the subtle picking nuances of the discerning guitarist.

True bypass design for confidence even when the effect is off
In addition to superb sound quality, great effect designs must also take into account what’s happening when bypassed. The Tone Garage series uses a true bypass design, ensuring that the sound of your guitar will not be compromised or colored when the effect is bypassed. Since the on/off switch uses a high-performance relay designed for small signals, the true tone of the guitar itself will be output without any deterioration of the sound.

Sturdy aluminum die-cast body for outstanding durability
Each pedal in the Tone Garage series features a tough aluminum die-cast body for outstanding durability. It will stand up to hard knocks during your stage performances. Simply seeing the killer graphics is enough to rev your motor and take your performance up a notch. The power supply, vacuum tube, and other internal circuitry are partially visible, projecting VOX's traditional design sensibility via appearance as well as sound.